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bee-team-webWe have a dedicated group who meet weekly to look after our apiary. British honey bees have been in decline in recent years so we have set up this enterprise in response to this, and to help us pollinate our crops. We have five hives and aim to double this number over the next year. The honey produced from our apiary is sold through the farm shop and is AVAILABLE NOW! Many devotees believe honey has great properties for asthma and eczema suffers!

Read about the head beekeeper and our successes here.

Bees really matter!
We have recently become beekeepers and hope our efforts will improve the numbers of bees in the area and help pollinate our own fruits.

Bees play a crucial part in the pollination of much of our food, not to mention producing delicious honey! Beekeepers provide frames of honeycombs for the bees, but just look (below) at the fantastic combs they can make for themselves… beautiful!

bee-team2-webhoneycomb webbee-candy-web

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