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“Spring explosion”

Guinea pig art2  Harry Pretzel (Guinea Pig)

Harry said “Whirlow Hall Farm Trust is beautiful all year round but I love the pop of spring colours”.

“Reach for the stars”

Guinea pig art 3 Harry Pretzel (Guinea Pig)

Harry said, “Follow your heart’s desire”.

“Waddle Talk”

Duck art2 Gaga, (Duck)

Gaga said, “The green, the lush fields of Whirlow, the blue, the fresh water of my pond, the look, my waddle”


Chicken art2 Rihena, (Chicken)

Rihena said, “In the words of the Soup Dragons, I’m free to do what I want, any old time”.

“Sky Fallen”

Chicken art 3 Rihena, (Chicken)

Rihena said, “Through my art, I can touch the sky”.

“To fly without wings”

Pig art Petra (Piglet)

Petra said, “Whirlow Hall Farm is joy”.

Last edited on mlMar 16th, 2016

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