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Crack a Deal

The Scheme

This is a new business referral scheme set up by Whirlow Hall Farm Trust to help promote local businesses. Through a range of promotions and personal referrals, the aim is for businesses to gain new clients and income streams. Customers will benefit from a new (improved) service and products. And Whirlow Hall Farm Trust will receive a donation or commission from introductions made.

Raising money for Whirlow Hall Farm Trust

Given the unique nature of everyone’s business, we will be happy to discuss how a donation sum would be reached.

How it works

Once we have agreed the deal, we will send you the logo and our brand guidelines. We would ask you to put together a flyer summarising your business and what you can offer your potential customers. The deal should also highlight what your contribution will be to Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and how long the incentive will be in place. We are suggesting that the promotion is in place for 12 weeks and then we can review how successful the initiative has proved. Hopefully within that period you will have gained some new custom, but if not, we have the opportunity to review and agree next steps.


What we will do for you

If you Crack a Deal for Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, we will promote your deal through:
• A dedicated page on our website with a link to your business
• Promotion at our networking events
• Digital content marketing
• Social media marketing
• Newsletter marketing

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