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Our Farm Tours

Take a guided tour of the Farm, see all of the animals and learn what the Team does throughout the year

The Farm is a wonderful place - with animals of all shapes and sizes.  If you take one of our guided tours then you'll see our piglets, sheep, goats and more - and learn what life on the Farm is like.  Want to know the difference between a heifer and a bullock?  Ever wondered what silage does that straw doesn't?  Ever just wanted to see a pig up close?  How come you get eggs if there's no cockerel about?  

Farm tours are a standard part of our school visit programmes. But we also run farm tours for our other vistors - at weekends, during the holidays or as part of a special event. Our tours are accredited by the Children's University. 

Public tours run every hour on the hour between 11am and 3pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. The meeting point for these tours is the blue shed outside of the Animal Handling Barn. 

Talk to our staff and volunteers in the Bottom Yard and they will let you know when the next one begins!

There is no charge to join a Farm Tour at weekends or during the holidays, but we kindly ask for donations towards the work of the charity (just pop it in the milk churns in the yard!). We want everyone to be able to join in, see the animals and learn why what we do is so important. But running the Farm is an expensive business and so we would love it if you gave a donation - whatever you feel is right - to help us help the children that visit.  If you have a large group, or want a private tour, then you need to let us know in advance - and we do ask for a minimum donation.

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