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What the children think

Sometimes, it's the children we help who best sum up the importance of what we do at Whirlow Hall Farm Trust.

' I love staying at whirlow - I don't have to go to sleep in my school uniform here.'

Now, there might be half a dozen reasons why a child has to sleep in their school uniform.  But there are also kids who get up on their own, make their own breakfast (or go hungry) and get themselves off to school.  For them, a stay at Whirlow can be a memory that sticks with them for years.  Simple things like sitting at a table and eating breakfast with classmates.  Helping to make the evening meal.  Washing up.  Having a hot shower and getting changed into pyjamas. Those things shouldn't count as treats.

But some kids don't have what most of us were lucky enough to take for granted.

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