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Plan your visit

It's so easy to organise a visit to us. Simply get in touch with one of our Education team and they'll take you through the process.

  Please give our education team a call on   0114 2360096 or email

Visits couldn't be simpler.  We just need to agree when you'll come (we get busy!), how long you'll stay and what you want to do.  Want a pony riding session?  Done.  Want something particular in your hamper? Easy.  Want to drive the tractor across our fields?  Nice try - but probably not for a few more years......

Information for group leaders

Our residential Hall and Barn can hold up to 2 adults and 12 children apiece.  The Hall is right in the heart of the Farm, whilst the Barn is fully accessible for those with mobility challenges.

Day visit programmes can be for a morning, and afternoon, or both - it depends what you want to do.  Residential stays are generally for 2 nights, although some schools book for the week and then rotate children (and their slightly frazzled teachers!) through.  You can book residential stays at weekends and during the holidays too.

We take Health and Saftey extremely seriously - it's our highest priority.  So we can provide you with all of the Risk Assessments you need to be reassured.  We also provide wellies.

Enquiries and booking

To avoid chaos in the pig unit, all group visits have to be pre-booked! 

Contact our Team by email or call 0114 2360096 to find out more.

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