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Whirlow L.I.F.E. (Learning In a Farming Environment)

The aim of our Whirlow L.I.F.E. programme is to help those with additional learning needs and/or struggling with poor mental health. We have therapeutic programmes for primary and secondary age children as well as those over sixteen. See below.

"A highly supportive environment for some of the city’s most vulnerable young people."
Sheffield City Council

Primary Provision

We offer nurturing, curriculum-linked programmes of therapeutic farm-based activities to help children better understand themselves and provide schools with valuable insights into each child’s learning needs.

We have had numerous successes where children have gone on to positively contrubute in class with a much reduced risk of exclusion. Each year we work with scores of primary school children who are either at serious risk of being permanently excluded from their school or have already been  excluded.

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Secondary Provision

Preparing for GCSE's is stressful enough. But if you just don't feel capable of exams or things aren't working out at home it can cause real distress and anxiety. Or it may be that you want to get experience and a qualification in animal care.

We provide opportunities for secondary school children to get involved in working farm life, improve their employability and gain qualifications that will help them gain an apprenticeship or college placement.

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Post-16 Provision

If you access a personal budget we have the perfect programme to allow you to explore and develop essential skills for independent living as well as farm based vocational skills in animal care and horticulture. The programme runs five days a week, fifty weeks of the year.

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Contact our Team by email or call 0114 2360096  to find out more.

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