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We're open Wed - Sun 10am-5pm and and Bank Holidays 10am- 3pm.

Our butchery counter is stocked with fantastic home reared beef pork and lamb, as well as a range of locally sourced poultry and game. We believe that our fantastic meat coupled with a highly experienced, expert butchery team results in the best quality butchery offer for you.

Each animal is butchered in house from whole carcass and is treated in the best way possible to maximise flavour and quality – from aging beef to dry curing our own bacon, hand making our own sausage and baking our own pork pies. Last year we built an in-house cold smoker which we use to slow smoke bacon, speciality sausage and home cured pastrami among other things

All of our animals can usually be seen as part of our weekend Farm Tours, meaning you can see exactly how we rear and care for our animals. This is as traceable as it gets!

We run a small number of Dexter, Galloway and Limosin beef cattle in the fields around the farm. They are almost wholly outdoor reared and grass fed, only coming inside for a few months of the year over winter. During this time they mainly eat hay supplemented with a small amount of grain. Our breeds are carefully selected for quality and flavour. Our methods lends ithemselves to slower growing cattle, meaning we often keep cows longer than commercial standards. Allowing the animals more time to develop and live naturally enables the development of marbling and fat covering which adds flavour to the meat.

We are home to a number of Yorkshire White pigs which are reared to ‘High Welfare’ standards for our farm shop. These pigs are kept as family units to ensure contentment and are often found playing with footballs and other toys. We are also adding an increasing number of outdoor reared Tamworth and Mangalitza pigs. Our outdoor pigs are able to forage around amongst the trees and their food is supplemented with seasonal surpluses such as apples and acorns. These will start to become available in the Farm Shop through the year.

Lamb, hogget and mutton
We have a range of breeds of sheep as part of our small flock, including a rare-breeds flock of Herdwick, Grey Faced Dartmoors, Jacob and Hebridean sheep. As with our cattle, our sheep are largely to be found roaming the fields of our traditional Yorkshire hill farm, and are therefore almost entirely grass fed. We lamb in two batches through Febuary, March and April. Our spring born lambs are usually available in the butchery from early summer, but we also have hogget and mutton available at certain times of the year.

Chicken and Poultry
With all of our own hens being egg-layers, we source our chicken and poultry (including duck and goose) from Herb Fed Limited – a small scale Yorskhire producer of exceptional herb fed chicken. We really believe that these are the best chickens you can buy! Their poultry is traditionally farmed, hand-fed and kept in small flocks so that they are truly free to forage for food and roam their Yorkshire pasture and their unique diet includes over 10 varieties of fresh herbs.

We rear around 300 free range bronze and white turkeys every year for Christmas, with orders being taken from October. We have a small amount of frozen turkeys available through the year.

Game and more
We stock a small amount of local game through the game season, including rabbits caught here on the farm, locally shot pheasant and pigeon and locally sourced venison. Outside of game season, we also stock local water buffalo from Snowden Hill buffalo, so at times you can find burgers and sausages on our counter!

Wholesale and home deliveries
If you run a café, restaurant or other business that might be interested in using locally sourced meat then get in touch. We can provide wholesale prices based on your needs. We offer free delivery on Thursdays and Saturdays around Sheffield.

If you live in the Sheffield area, and can’t often make it up to the farm, visit our online shop for delivery on Thursdays or Saturdays. 


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