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We're open Wed - Sun 9am-4pm.

We believe that the best meat comes from well-cared for animals from low intensity producers.  Our Farmer manages the farm in a regenerative way - producing fantastic animals and improving the environment at the same time.  It's a low-intervention, natural approach that results in superb quality produce for customers and a better environment for everyone. The small farm team is bolstered by our students - they help with the feeding, bedding down, cleaning and checking of livestock.  It's a real team effort!

The vast majority of the meat we sell through our butchery is raised here on the farm - within just a few yards of the shop. Our animals can be seen by visitors and passers-by so it's obvious how we rear and care for the livestock.   We let nature take her time with slow-maturing breeds. After the inevitable journey to our abbatoir - only a few minutes travel away - each animal is butchered in house and treated with care to maximise flavour and quality.  We age beef, dry cure bacon, hand make sausages and more. We're an old fashioned butcher's shop where we are proud of the meat we sell and want you to really enjoy it - the team will be very happy to tell you about our produce or answer any questions you have about what we do.

We have fantastic heritage beef herds of long-horned Highland and short-legged Dexter cattle - they are an impressive sight out in the fields.  Whilst they are smaller and slower growing than mainstream commercial beef breeds, the meat they produce is incredible - delicious, well-marbled and succulent. It's starting to get a real following amongst our customers and because we butcher each animal on site, we often have some of the 'forgotten' cuts available too - oxtails, heart, shin and more.  That fits in with our ethos of using every bit of the animal - it's the right thing to do.

We have a range of breeds of sheep as part of our small flock, including traditional Wensleydales, Shropshires and Hebrideans. As with our cattle, our sheep can be  found roaming the fields of our traditional Yorkshire hill farm, and are therefore almost entirely grass fed. We lamb in two batches through Febuary, March and April. Our spring born lambs are usually available in the butchery from early summer, but we also have hogget and mutton available at certain times of the year.

Sadly, recent global events have meant that, like many other small scale producers, we have had to significantly reduce the number of pigs we have on the farm.  We never had the space to let them all forage outdoors, and so recent increases in food, straw and energy prices had a huge impact; they made it unviable to continue as we were.  So instead we now keep a smaller number of traditional breed sows - currently Yorkshire Middle Whites - which produce a handful of litters each year for the butchery. They move around the Farm depending on the time of year and how much they've dug up their paddock - so finding them is a bit of a porcine treasure hunt!  We supplement our pork with whole pigs bought through our abbatoir - another small scale enterprise that only deals with local farms - and then butcher and process them like we would our own. We cut the chops, cure bacon and make sausages here in the butchery.

With all of our own hens being egg-layers, we source our chicken and poultry (including duck and goose) from the best local producers we can - and try to stick to a 'Yorkshire's best' approach.  That's not easy, particularly given the recent bird flu outbreaks which have seen some small producers' flocks wiped out.  But we'll do everything we can to get the best free-rangers for our customers.  

We rear around 300 free range bronze turkeys every year for Christmas, with orders being taken from October. Whilst it's fraught with difficulty, we love raising these birds - it's wonderful to see them chasing sheep (and students!) around Lane Side field until the inevitable bird-flu-lockdown is announced.  We've been really fortunate that our controls have kept our flocks free of the lurgy to date.

Wholesale and home deliveries

If you run a café, restaurant or other business that might be interested in using locally sourced meat then get in touch. We can provide wholesale prices based on your needs. 

If you live in the Sheffield area, and can’t often make it up to the farm, visit our online shop. 


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