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Our Produce

Whilst we're best known for our meat and eggs, we also produce a fantastic range of fruit and vegetables!

Despite the challenges - it's not exactly Mediterranean up here - our Horti team and volunteers produce a huge variety of fruit and vegetables. Potatoes, onions, and cabbages won't surprise you - but how about garlic, cucumbers, aubergines and chillies?  The rest of us didn't know what a cucamelon was before they brought a basket full out of the polytunnel (turns out they're great in a Gin and Tonic!).  


Our fruit starts with rhubarb, moves onto strawberries, rasberries and tomatoes, and sees out the year with apples, pears and plums from our orchard. We also have a vineyard, although you have to be a member of the 'Werlot' Wine Club to get the benefit of that bit of the Farm! 

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