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Recipes from the Farm

We're really proud of the meat, fruit and vegetables that we produce on the Farm. We're sure that you'll love them too - so why not try one of our delicious recipes to get your taste buds tingling?

Our smashing Chefs have put together some simple, but very tasty, dishes so that you can make the most of Whirlow's produce.  

Why not take a look at our Whirlow Hall Farm Cook Book for more ideas?Now available in the Farm Shop!



Coriander Yorkie Wraps with Lamb Koftas and Tzatziki

This local twist on a Greek classic is packed with flavour, celebrating tastes from near and far. ...

Spanish Omelette

This is a good recipe for using all those eggs collected during farm jobs!...

Green Eggs and Ham

This vivid and delicious brunch dish inspired by Dr Seuss is for kids and grown-ups to enjoy. The fresh green sauce completely transforms and revitalises these classic ingredients in ...


Healthy, yet tasty!...

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