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Unearthing Whirlow's history

We have a great team who help us uncover the farm's history. You could join them!

Our land has been occupied for millenia.  In 2016, we unearthed Roman and Bronze age remains just a few yards from the current farm buildings.  Further up the hill a Roman signal station was discovered. The work was the result of the combined blood, sweat and tears of Archaelogical Research Services (ARS) Ltd and the Time Travellers, along with help from visiting school groups and even the Lord Mayor! This year, with the addition of the University of Sheffield's considerable expertise and muscle, we're planning to build an Iron Age roundhouse - a great project for budding archaeologists of all ages to get involved in - and explore a field where we think there may be Neolithic remains.  I hated history at school - it seemed to consist of trying to remember lists of dates and associated events.  But if I'd had the chance to go and unearth a bit for myself then I'm sure it would have really opened my eyes. 

We'll let you know how you could get involved and inspired at Whirlow, so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

In the meantime, visit ARS Ltd's and the Time Traveller's websites to find out more about this fascinating aspect of the Trust.

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