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Exclusions can be prevented if we put in place measures to tackle problems early enough.


Can you justify not excluding a child if they are negatively impacting on the learning of the students around them? If teachers are dreading going to school because of them? Teachers are in a catch-22 situation.

The fundamental message, echoed throughout the day by the teachers, youth workers and young people who spoke at the event, was that we need to believe in the potential of these children. As Professor Sir Tim Brighouse put it in the final keynote of the day: “We can either ask how intelligent is the child, or how is the child intelligent?”

We couldn't agree more!

There is nothing to gain in finger pointing. Schools should and do everything they can but in some cases this is not enough. 

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust's therapeutic environment and our dedicated team of teachers and support staff provide a pressure release that can help school staff and children gain valuable insights and promote positive outcomes.

We will continue to support schools and help children who are going through the most difficult of times.

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