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A lot to look forward to....


After a difficult 2020, we can all look forward to a better year ahead!

After a bit of a damp start, but with vaccination numbers rising rapidly, we're all looking forward to a much brighter 2021 - we hope you are too.  Here's what's keeping our spirits up:

We've continued to deliver Education services throughout the pandemic, providing essential support for students and their families.  But numbers have been a bit limited and so we're really looking forward to getting them all back up here full-time - the place is so much livelier with them about.

We're still fundraising for our new education block, but hope to be able to get work started later in the year.  We're really looking forward to having the extra facilities that our students so desperately need.

Lambing has started, and with 100 expectant ewes in our flock, will really pick up over the coming weeks.  We're looking forward to seeing our fields full of the little blighters in Spring.

Every cow in our Dexter herd is in calf - well done Marmaduke!  We're looking forward seeing the new arrivals in the summer.

Work on our new cafe is going well.  Whilst we're providing a takeaway service  during lockdown, we're really looking forward to opening a fantastic new cafe in which you can relax, enjoy great food and drink, and admire the views.  

Our farm shop will be extended too.  Having opened on-line and now offering a delivery service to make things as easy as possible for our customers, we're looking forward to having a bit more space to show off our fantastic produce.

We'll also be relaying the Bottom Yard and sorting out the drainage - we're really, really looking forward to not having to shovel mud after every downpour!

Our wonderful volunteers have been carrying out essential pruning in the vineyard.  We're looking forward to another great harvest and more bottles of Steel City wine.

But most of all, we're looking forward to restrictions being lifted so that we can see you all back up at the Farm again, just like the good old days - we've really missed you!!

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