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We're so grateful to local artist Anna Stephenson for the wonderful works she's created for us.


Anna had a bit of time spare before Christmas - and we were the lucky beneficiaries! She created a number of works which look perfect in the Barn!

Out of the blue, Anna kindly offered to produce  a number of farmscapes to hang on the wall of the Barn.  We were thrilled and couldn't wait for them to arrive so that we could kick-start the new year with a better, brighter Barn.

But we didn't realise how lucky we'd been.  Anna produced 3 beautiful farmscapes - showing everything from our pig unit to our manege, the little tractor and the Old Hen House - she even captured the turkeys too!


Not only that, she created 4 amazing fruit and vegetable works for us - showing what our students and horti volunteers grow in their various patches around the place. Chard, beetroot, leeks and more.


They all look absolutely beautiful, and have pride of place in our Barn cafe.  Why not come up and see for yoursefl?!

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