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Ancient history


Our friendly archaeologists have installed some lovely information boards that explain the ancient history of Whirlow Hall Farm

Although we're all about making the future better for the City's youngsters, we haven't forgotten our past!

We've got a very active group of archaeologists who help us understand the history of Whirlow.  They've already excavated Iron Age and Roman remains and, provided the authorities agree, will this year be looking even further back in time - we think there are Neolithic remains on the Farm too. They've recently installed some lovely information boards that explain the ancient history that they've unearthed.

Notwithstanding it's great to know our history, it's also terrific that the group are such a diverse bunch - the local Time Travellers team , Sheffield University staff and students, and professionals from Bakewell-based Archaeology Research Services Limited.  They've also encouraged visiting school groups to take part in uncovering our past, which has been a wonderful way to teach history (so much better than the hours I spent in classrooms remembering lists of dates and events!). 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that they are also building an Iron Age roundhouse in one of our fields - another great hands-on learning experience for all those involved.  Once it's complete, we'll use it as an outside learning space for our school groups.

We'd love you to come up to the Trust, and have a look into the past.



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