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Flamin' hell!


We were really upset by the mindless destruction of our winter fodder - but your response has been amazing!

It was incredibly upsetting to find that 2 months' worth of winter fodder had been set ablaze last Thursday night.  A mindless, pointless act that undid months of hard work by the Farm Team, tied up the Emergency Services whilst they tried to control the blaze, and meant we would need to find the money to buy replacement feed for our animals. It really does beggar belief that those that caused the fire don't have the imagination to think beyond the thrill they got of seeing the flames take hold.  We're still hopeful that we'll find the cuplrits and be able to show them just how daft they have been.

But there is an up-side to this incident.  The blaze was spotted by Sheffield University students who were en-route to the Farm as the mid-point for their Spider Walk.  So on the night that others were out setting fire to things, hundreds of young people were out doing good - giving time and effort (and gaining a few blisters I suspect) in order to raise funds for a number of charities across the city.  What a smashing bunch they were - we loved having them here.  Secondly, the Emergency Services came out and did all they could to help us - at what is probably the busiest time of the year for them, and when they really didn't need the distraction of 'petty' arson.  And finally, the social media response has been terrific.  Bar one-or-two comments from folk that really do need to get out more, there has been overwhelming support for the Trust, outrage at the  stupidity of the culprits, and offers of support - financial, moral, fodder, even security patrols! 

So everyone at the Trust just wants to say a huge thank you to all of you  who have helped us sort out the mess that those flamin' idiots created last week.  You have been fantastic!

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