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Great news for the future


We're delighted that planning permission has been granted for our new education building and new cafe - it gives us all something to look forward to getting our teeth into when things return to normal.

We were delighted and surprised in equal measure to learn that the Council's planning committee has been able to continue considering applications under lockdown conditions.

So it was great news to hear last week that our plans for a new education building and cafe extension have been approved!  At a time when everyone is, understandably, heavily focussed on the here-and-now, it's terrific to have a longer term project in the pipeline.

So even 'though the Farm is quiet at the moment, we can all look forward to when we will have the facilities to help even more of Sheffield's youngsters.  Critically, the second education facility will provide additional space for those with real challenges, creating a more nuturing and peaceful environment for them.

We also very excited about the new cafe.  The farm shop has been incredibly busy over the past 5 weeks providing a much-needed service to the local community, and further afield through home deliveries.  Lots of folk have found us for the first time and we hope that they will continue to visit the Farm after things return to normal.

We couldn't have got to this stage without a huge amount of support fronm some great Sheffield businesses -  in particular ARUP, Bond Bryan Ltd, Castle Owen, DLP Planning Ltd, Henry Boot, HLM Architects and WT Partnership.  They've all put a significant amount of time, effort and expertise into ensuring our plans passed muster; we are incredibly grateful to them all for their wonderfully generous support.


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