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Thanks to Gripple we've seen the light!


We're so grateful to the fantastic folk at Gripple for their generosity and hard work - we've now got a functioning array of solar panels that is making a massive dent in our electricity bills!

Keeping a charity like ours running is an expensive business.  Whilst we work really, really hard to make ends meet, it's always a struggle - and things like rocketing energy bills come as a enormous blow.

So we are absolutely thrilled that the solar panels so generously supplied and installed by the team at Gripple are up-and-running.  It's been a mammoth task - designing the system, getting planning permission, making the foundations, building the low profile bases, installing the panels and finally- just yesterday - wiring  the whole lot up.  There's been dozens of Gripple staff involved, working in all sorts of weather to get this completed - on top of everything else they do for us year-in, year-out. 

We have to admit that we don't really understand the numbers just yet - it will take a while to figure out exactly how much of an impact the panels will make on our bills.  But even on a cloudy, hit-and-miss kind of day like today we think they've provided over 50% of the electricity we've consumed during the working day!  That's better than we'd dared dream and means that, as well as reduced energy bills, we're doing a lot more to help protect the environment.

The next stage is to install some digital information boards around the place so everyone can see what a difference the panels are making.  After a day of staring at meters watching the power generated fluctuate wih the weather, we have to admit it's strangely addictive!

So once again - a massive thank you to the brilliant folk of Gripple.  We're so lucky, and incredibly grateful, that you give us so much  support, enabling us to concentrate on the job of helping youngsters who face huge challenges. Thank you all.

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