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Hold the front page!


The Sheffield Telegraph staff have written a great piece about what the Trust does and our plans for the future - grab yourselves a copy!

We're delighted to have made the front page of this week's Sheffield Telegraph - they reported on our successful planning application and our plans for the future.

Editor Nancy Fielder also wrote a smashing Editorial - explaining what we do for the city and why that sometimes gets overlooked. As she says 'This is a charity which, I believe, is often misunderstood thanks largely to its location.' 

She's spot-on - some look at our lovely surroundings and come to the wrong conclusions.  So we need to continue explaining that we help some of the city's most vulnerable youngsters. We provide essential support that simply isn't available through mainstream education - and demand in Sheffield is amongst the highest in the UK. Whilst the Farm is the perfect place to do so, it is a costly facility to maintain. 

That's why we're determined to expand our facilities and we're grateful that the Sheffield Telegraph has highlighted our plans. If you want to help us achieve our goals then why not join in our virtual balloon race?

So please grab a copy and read all about it!!  

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