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A great year for honey at the farm!


Honey harvest is a big success with over 200 lbs collected

Thanks to our bee volunteers, the ’Bee Team’, the 8 bee colonies up at the farm produced a bumper crop of honey this year. With a huge amount of care and attention the bees went into overdrive during the fantastic summer producing over 200 lbs of delicious mixed blossom honey. A record amount for the farm! The honey is completely unprocessed, naturally granulating over time (if you like it runny gentle warming will liquify it again). Why not pop up to our shop, where it is on sale, and you can try some for yourself!

The beekeeping team are now making sure the bees are ready for winter - all the empty boxes from the hives have been removed, the bees have been given a health check and the entrances to the hives have been made smaller to protect them from pests. The team will keep a careful eye on the bees to ensure they have enough food as the weather changes. Then it's fingers crossed for a short cold winter and a nice early spring!

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