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Volunteers, trustees and staff pick over 3 tonnes of grapes!


Our biggest grape harvest - what a bunch!

What a summer we have had - the perfect weather for grapes! Our small team of volunteer viticulturists have spent the whole year nuturing our grapes to point of harvest. Often a lonely task, especially in the depths of winter, the effort has really paid off this year. On harvest day the wider team of staff, volunteers and trustees came out in force to assist with the grape picking. And what a result - 3.35 tonnes of grapes! 250 kgs Phoenix,900 Kgs Solaris and 2.2 tonnes of Rondo. More than twice our normal haul! Many thanks to Trustee, Hugh Facey, who provided more boxes and a delivery van at short notice to take the extra grapes to be processed into wine down at Halfpenny Green in Wolverhampton. Roll on next summer when we get to taste the results of all that effort!

You can hear Derek Henry, who leads the viticulture volunteer team, and Hugh Facey talk about the harvest on Radio Sheffield at the 1 hour 24 minutes at the link below -

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