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Sad news....


We're really sad to have to let you know that Spirit, our much-loved donkey, has passed away.

Having spent years entertaining kids on Blackpool beach, and then at the Nativity Play at Totley Farm, Spirit arrived at Whirlow Hall Farm Trust in 2020 for his well-deserved retirement.  He spent many happy days in our fields with Rosie, his bovine companion, only interupted when our students turned up with grooming kits at the ready.  He quickly grew to be a firm favourite with visitors to the Farm - young and old - and even had his biography written whilst he was here!

But sadly, last week, Spirit passed away - his final chapter written.  He'll be missed by everyone at the Farm and it will be strange not seeing him peacefully cropping the grass in the field behind the cafe.

For those of you that are worried about how Rosie will take the loss -  she'll be fine.  She has struck up a new friendship with Horatio, our long-legged orphan bullock - they seem to be getting on like a house on fire.

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