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Thank you BNI Foundation


Whirlow is thrilled to announce a generous £1,000 donation received from the BNI Foundation.

This funding will be dedicated to enhancing our Whirlow LIFE (Learning In a Farming Environment) programmes, specifically designed to support vulnerable children and young people with additional needs who are disengaged from mainstream education.

The BNI Foundation aims to transform lives by addressing the educational challenges faced by financially disadvantaged children. By awarding grants like the one granted to Whirlow, the foundation actively supports initiatives that equip educators and organisations with the resources to facilitate academic success. These grants aim to remove obstacles hindering children's progress or provide incentives that encourage them to focus on their studies.

With the invaluable support of the BNI Foundation and grants such as this, our programmes have achieved remarkable outcomes. In the previous year, 86% of the individuals we work with have either returned to their school more engaged, successfully secured a place in new or special schools, or attained qualifications enabling them to pursue further education. We are confident that this year's results will exceed expectations, reaching a projected success rate of at least 90%.

Whirlow is immensely grateful to the BNI Foundation for their commitment to transforming lives and enabling educational opportunities for vulnerable children and young people. Funding allows us to make a profound impact on their lives, fostering a brighter and more promising future for all involved.

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