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Some people just keep digging!


The archaeologists are back again, continuing their exploration of the features on the northern side of the farm.

Students and staff from the University of Sheffield’s Department for Lifelong Learning (DLL) and Department of Archaeology are undertaking an exciting week of archaeological fieldwork at Whirlow Hall Farm, starting on Sunday June 10th.

Students will be investigating a possible prehistoric enclosure, first discovered by DLL Programme Director and local resident Camilla Priede. Dr Priede said ‘As an archaeologist, finding something completely unknown is something you dream about, especially when it’s in your local area. This project gives our students, staff and anyone interested in studying Archaeology a fantastic opportunity to investigate this intriguing site. Currently, all we know is that there is something showing up on air-photographs of the field, and there are underground remains, but we know very little about the date, form or function of it- so we’re hoping the excavation will reveal some clues’

‘All the students involved in the project are students who have come through the University’s foundation programme, which is designed for mature learners who are coming to University after a significant break in their education and without traditional entry qualifications. In this respect we’re particularly pleased to be able to collaborate with Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and support their mission’

The Trust is all about hands-on outdoor learning so we're delighted to see another group up at the farm doing just that - and helping us to understand our history. We can’t wait to see what they uncover!

This work is funded by the University of Sheffield’s Access Agreement and Widening Participation fund. It is part of the larger project investigating the farm’s archaeological remains involving The Time Travellers archaeology group, all overseen by Bakewell-based Archaeological Research Services Ltd.

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