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Another reason why we have to do something about this growing problem


We help excluded children get back on track so that they can enjoy school and thrive.

We all know that being excluded from school is never a good thing.  That's why, at Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, we're determined to help those youngsters get back on track. 

The growing public awareness of the underlying causes of exclusion is a real step forward - we've always said that it's never the child's fault.  There are so many reasons why a 6 or 7 year old might start to go off the rails.  But we didn't realise just what the stats would show about the correlation between adoption and exclusion.   

Adoption UK estimates that adopted children can be up to 20 times more likely to be permanently excluded than their peers.

Read more at BBC News

Some kids really do have a tough start to life.

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