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They made it!


Pupils from Reignhead school have been reunited with their families after an extended stay with the Trust as a result of the snow.

Pupils from Reignhead school arrived on Monday for what they expected to be the usual fun-filled 2-day stay on the Farm.  Well, things didn't go entirely according to plan.....

The heavy snow meant that getting off the Farm when it was time to leave on Wednesday was impossible; the roads back to Beighton were impassable too.  So there was nothing for it but to hunker down and ride out the storm.  For some of the 6 and 7 year olds, this was their first trip away from home, so we wondered how they'd cope.  The answer was - brilliantly.  They loved every minute and, whilst there we a few anxious parents back home, their kids kept themselves amused collecting eggs, bottle feeding lambs, sledging and, of course, throwing snowballs. They even managed to get themselves onto Radio Sheffield and (all too briefly - come on Look North!) TV too.

Their teachers - Paula and Jade - were fantastic and really made the most of the extra time they had with the kids.  Who would have thought, in this day and age, that 2 adults and 11 kids could survive 3 days without a TV - but this lot did!  What's more, they enjoyed some delicious meals that they made themselves using produce from the Farm. 

But eventually the roads cleared sufficiently for us to return them to  their families in Beighton.  We were definitely sad to see them go - they've been absolute stars!

I'm sure they will all remember this stay for many years to come!!  

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