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They're playing with fire again......


Sadly we've seen a repeat of the idiotic behaviour of last year - some bright spark set 3 of our hay bales alight on Friday evening.

On Friday evening, some bright spark decided to set our newly cut hay bales alight.  Thankfully, because the bales were dispersed around the field, we only lost 3, but it could have been much worse.  With the land and grass tinder dry, the entire field could have gone up.  You don't need us to point out what could have happened if the wind had blown embers towards the surrounding houses or the Farm buildings. 

Earlier that evening, our Farm Manager had moved on and reported a group of school-age teens who were under-age drinking and behaving badly as a result. The Police are aware, although it's all-bar-impossible to find out who is responsible unless you catch them in the act.

The Fire Service attended which, given what else they're having to contend with at the moment - large scale moorland fires and cutting youngsters out of horrific car accidents - is an appalling diversion of really important resources.

It's not the first time this has happened, and at some point everyone has to take responsibility for their actions. 

So we're writing this to all those who don't know what their kids are up to when they're out, or who choose to turn a blind eye.  You need to take responsibility.  You should certainly notice if your under-age son or daughter comes home smelling of alcohol - or smoke - and you should challenge them.  These kids walk up to the Farm, so that should help narrow the field down a bit in this particular instance.



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